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Where It All Began

The Harbor Hut restaurant, located on the waterfront in Morro Bay, is known for having one of the best views of the bay and Morro Rock. A favorite among visitors and locals alike, the Harbor Hut has been a Morro Bay icon and has been family owned and operated since 1951.
Established as a humble little spot dedicated to cooking up the freshest seafood possible, the Harbor Hut soon became well known as one of the best restaurants on the Central Coast for their mesquite broiling and their insatiable quest for the finest ingredients.

Founded by Ralph “Tiger” Ruse the Harbor Hut was established in order to cater to the increasing number of travelers coming from the Central Valley, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and from around the world who looked to explore the amazing stretch of coastline to the north and south of Morro Bay.

Around 1964 Tiger’s son in law George Leage began working at the Harbor Hut and eventually took over the daily operations and began managing the restaurant. In 1978 bought the restaurant from his wife’s father keeping the establishment in the family. Subsequently, George’s son Troy began working at the Harbor Hut in 1980. It wasn’t long before Troy began to manage the daily operations at the Harbor Hut. In 2009 Troy Leage and his wife Heather bought the restaurant from George solidifying the long family tradition for years to come.

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11:00am – 9:00pm

805 772 2255

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